Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hey there my whole 7 followers, I can tell you've missed me! Sorry for the long seperation, but it's been a busy month! I know you've all been so very concerned about the fate of my chocolate covered strawberry cupcake. Rest easy my friends, the issue is resolved! I just switched the frosting to a white chocolate buttercream. Done and done. I've also been a busy lil' recipe writer the past few weeks...mostly just this morning. There are several new cupcakes since we spoke last:

Mint Chocolate
Strawberry Daiquiri
Cookies & Cream
Peanut Butter Cup

About half of these cupcakes have not made it to the production phase, but they sure look good on the recipe card!

Here's a couple pics for your viewing pleasure:

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  1. I will volunteer as taste tester! I can also testify that Ruby cupcakes (plural) two days in a row don't get old and I'm still looking forward to more in a week!